weird and terrible feelings

I feel like RIB+6 are going to destroy what is left of samcedes, come Sept?Oct??Nov?. I feel like when S4 comes back they are going to have Sam date someone else in Glee club. I have been feeling off because Chord has been bumped up to a season regular and amber isn’t really going to be doing ( It seems like it, but I could just be thinking because there has been no mention of what she’s doing besides being AWESOME and working on her album) that she really isn’t going to be appearing on glee enough. I feel like they will completely deconstruct everything. They will, but hey if they do I DID SAY I would not watch S4 anyway. :/

Plus Amber is super talented anyway, so go head! If they do jade OUR leading lady.

She’ll …”Shine Brighter Than Anyone Does!”-Paramore

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    They probably will break Samcedes up because Sam cannot exist on that show without being connected to a girl on-screen....
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