Hey, if anyone is artistic, that canvas art thing would actually be a great gift for Amber…



Maybe the cutouts could be flowers and a treble clef and music notes…

This is what I’m talking about.

that would be awesome! lol and someone make one for me while your at it haha… Love this idea

it would not be complicated for me. What did you have in mind for said artist to achieve? the same aesthetic and design or something different with her name or something?? I’m always game to create. keeps me from getting rusty using my right side, which technical is the only one that rules me.. i wish i could do both probablly wouldn’t currently be jobless….anywhooosies …What did you have in mind for the aesthetic and design? 


Mercedes said she was balancing singin, class, and puck calling her about sugar mommas!

in continuation to my “answer submission” I would like to say which you know, she is awesome, but those assholes who thought she couldn’t act, sing and talked shit about her before are acting like they “totally missed her and loved her” NO. just NO. You never deserved her and you don’t now…. just because she is shinning AWAY from Glee doesn’t mean now that she is “YOUR Amber”…. sorry ranting. But yeah. I watch this guy who reviews Glee or Gleecaps and he was talking about how well she could sing and how he missed her so much and how nobody sings like her, but I watched all his other recaps and he talks about her like she is nothing and I just GOT PIZZZEED.

okay NOW rant over.

i love how no one gave a fuck when amber was a regular on the show but now that shes back for a couple episodes everyone is saying how they miss her.


IKR?!! *grrrr*

How many Amber songs in this statement


rumor has it, I look to you and I’m telling you I’m not going, I don’t want to lose you so lean on me and imagine that I will always love you. So try a little tenderness or I will find someone like you to put me in the spotlight. And ain’t no way, don’t make me over because take me or leave me I’m beautiful. Hell to the no il bust your windows out of your car If you don’t give me respect.

I’m clearly bored

as am I. lol. (see above)

Harry kills me. I love him so much!!! Wish there was a gif of amber smacking his butt for once!

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